Mining Fund

Poolin Mining Investment is committed to empowering more investors participate in cryptocurrency mining without any worries. Poolin makes use of its diversified industry ecosystems and rich industry resource accumulation to develop exclusive mining investment proposals for investors, help them achieve their investment goals in a more professional, reliable and efficient approach.

Why Is Digital Currency Mining Worth Being Invested In?

  • Low Cost

    Direct purchase and mining are two main ways of acquiring cryptocurrency. However, the cost of acquisition differs significantly

    Cryptocurrency mining is equivalent to buying cryptocurrency at a discounted price. It is the most cost-effective way of acquiring cryptocurrency.

  • Low Risk

    Risk of cryptocurrency mining is much lower than purchasing cryptocurrency directly from the open market.

    When the price of the cryptocurrency plummets, miners have the option of avoiding losses by turning off their machines and then turning them back on when the price rises above the break-even point.

  • Stable Return

    Cryptocurrency mining is a long-term investment that will continue to generate cash flow.

    Combining mining and financial service to form a more lucrative and secure investment strategy. Financial service has become prevalent in the mining industry; using financial tools to leverage mining revenue growth, providing miners with cash flow, and ensuring steady growth of miners' revenue.

  • Appreciation of Mining Equipment

    As an investment, cryptocurrency mining machines are not only computing devices, but also financial products. When purchasing a miner, it is equivalent to obtaining cryptocurrency futures at a certain price. The increase in the price of cryptocurrency will also increase the value of mining machines.

  • Clear Business Model

    The "Investment, mine coins and then liquidate" model of cryptocurrency mining investment is similar to the business logic of the traditional production industry, which is very clear and easy to understand.

Advantages of mining investment

Short investment period, quick return